Jodi McKee

what's on your wish list?

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how is it the 19th of october already?  seriously.  this year is *absolutely* flying by.  wow.

before you know it, it will be thanksgiving, then my birthday, then christmas, then new year's.  it all goes by so quickly, don't you think?

before the stresses of the season set in, i like to think about my wish list. i can't help it. the kid in me has vivid memories of getting the JC Penney catalog in the mail and poring over the pages to make my list. now, i have the whole internet at my disposal. and with pinterest, i have a super easy way to keep track of the things i want to give and the things i would be happy to receive.

how do you keep track of gift ideas? what are some of your wish list items this year?


(i totally got the wild panda puffalump that christmas!)