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costumes of halloweens past

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andrea posted a great list of various halloween costumes she has worn. it was such a fun list, i just had to make one of my own!


strawberry shortcake, classic 80s plastic dress & mask variety (pictured above) (age 4)

clown, my mom made the costume -- i'm pretty sure it was some kind of crazy orange and green fabric.  other than the fabric choice, she did a great job on it!  (age 6?)

classic black witch (age 9)

black cat, which i believe consisted of a black leotard and tights, black cat headband, whiskers drawn on my face and some kind of tail attachment.  plus a cardboard boom box to carry candy in.  and a denim jacket, 'cause it was chilly. (age 10)

flamingo, a pink flamingo golf club cover on my head and some kind of pink sheet "body."  probably had a pink sweatshirt and sweatpants or tights on, too.  what can i say?  i had a thing for flamingos.  (age 11?)

bag of jelly beans, maybe my most memorable costume.  we took a clear plastic trash bag, filled it with small balloons and called it a day.  i probably wore purple leggings or something underneath.  my main memory of this costume, is going to the junior high party and having a very tall 8th grader run up to me and start popping some of the balloons.  (age 13)

eddie vedder, because you know i have to rock the long curly hair, cheekbones and grunge wardrobe for halloween at least once in high school.  my friend, jess, went as the crow.  we were awesome.  (age 17 or 18)

i'm sure there are plenty of others, especially from when i was younger.  i'll have to dig through my parent's photos the next time i go home.