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fall 'roid week

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'roid week is now a fleeting memory, but boy, was it good while it lasted.

here are my day four and five shots for your perusal.














and here a small handful of my favorites images by other photographers.  to see all of my 'roid week shots and faves, click here.














1. danisoul, 2. lilacmoon, 3. minecreations, 4. his&hers, 5. maplesyruponly, 6. olivier barjolle,
7. kristin~mainemomma, 8. girlhula, 9. Rebecca...

and to top it all off, i was one of the lucky winners of the amazing giveaways that the 'roid week team hosted!!  i won this lovely little calendar from xoazuree.  isn't it cute?  i can hardly wait to hang it up for 2011.

until next time, 'roid week.  xo