Jodi McKee

34 things to do before i turn 35

Jodi McKeeComment
  1. go to the whitney museum
  2. keep shooting film and actually develop it in a timely manner
  3. visit at least one new city
  4. have dinner at co ba
  5. move to a light-filled apartment in a neighborhood that i want to live in
  6. make at least two mini books
  7. go swimming at least once a week
  8. visit the cloisters
  9. ride the roosevelt island tram
  10. go to the jazz age lawn party on governor's island
  11. read two books per month
  12. make a photo wall
  13. explore a new neighborhood
  14. throw a party
  15. make homemade pizza
  16. knit something
  17. go to a broadway show
  18. have drinks at a rooftop bar
  19. research family tree on
  20. cheer on the marathon runners in brooklyn or queens
  21. eat pizza at grimaldi's
  22. go to the top of the rock in autumn
  23. cook something from this book each month
  24. cheer for the cubs when they play the mets in 2011
  25. try bikram yoga
  26. have lots of flickr meet-ups
  27. host a postcard swap
  28. shred junk mail as soon as it comes in the door
  29. visit santa at macy's
  30. walk across the williamsburg bridge
  31. renew my driver's license (since it expires today!)
  32. drink good wine
  33. play outside more
  34. give lots of hugs