Jodi McKee

(half) snow day!

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nyc finally got some snow! (december doesn't count for me, since i was out of town.) i know my friends in philly, baltimore & d.c. have had enough, but i was pretty excited to have a blizzard warning today! my other city-dwelling co-workers and i made it in to the office just fine, but got the okay to leave at 1:00. so glad that we did, because queens was being blanketed by snow by the time i got home!

(chris really should have worn a hat today!)

(henry seemed unphased by all the snow. he was just happy to be outside!)

i'm so glad that we took henry on a little walk and made a pit stop for lunch. it was so lovely to be out in the snow, since we didn't have anywhere else to be. i'm sure it won't seem as pretty tomorrow. and by friday, it will be a big, gray, slushy mess. but for now, i'm liking it quite a bit. only wish i would have gone over to central park for some photo ops!