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where in the world?

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my husband and i currently live in new york city (queens to be precise). we definitely have a love/hate relationship with the city (love the subway, the diversity, the art, the energy . . . hate the subway, the crowds, the inconsiderate attitude, the cost of living) and have decided that we don't want to live here forever -- although we'll likely still be here for a few more years. while i'm not sure that any other city can compare to NYC for me, i think we both need a slightly smaller city with a slightly slower pace.

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so, i figured, why not ask the internet? where should we move to?


  • we still want to be in a city . . . maybe just not a city of over 8 million
  • we would love to be able to rent or buy a small house with a yard
  • my husband is a massage therapist, so a place that has a good market for massage therapy is needed
  • i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, so extreme cold or damp weather is not favorable
  • public transportation is very important to us
  • as is an environmentally friendly community
  • a good arts scene beats a good sports scene for us
  • needs to be dog friendly
  • close to water of some sort
any thoughts or advice?

. . . or maybe we'll just move to brooklyn.