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LOST at the vilcek

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on friday, my husband and i went up to the vilcek foundation to check out their LOST exhibit. it was SO COOL. it runs through saturday, june 5th. so, if you are in the NYC area and are a LOST fan, get yourself there this week!

the main focus of the exhibit is on the international diversity of the show's cast, crew and production staff. it really is amazing when you think about it. so many different cultures were represented just with the cast alone. such a terrific ensemble.

there were also lots of great props from the show . . .

the dharma initiative rum that juliet & sawyer drank on the beach after the freighter blew up.

the dharma vw bus. SO COOL.

ben's alias passports, faraday's journal, the freighter satellite phone, sun's business cards.

desmond & penny. *sigh*

bonus? they were piping in music from the show in the background. it was so well done. i think i might have to go again before it's over!