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#25 - go to a county fair

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cross another one off of the list!

finding a county fair near manhattan proved to be a little tricky. but the dutchess county fair in rhinebeck sounded promising, so i asked some friends if they could go. elizabeth took the bait and we drove up to rhinebeck on sunday, august 29th.

i don't think this fair quite lived up to my expectations, but that could be because i haven't been to a fair in quite a few years and i always went to them in indiana. where, you know, people are more in to farming and stuff.

a lot of the games booths were the same all over the fair, but this one stood out to me (probably because it was so photogenic). we didn't play any games (mostly because the prizes weren't that exciting), but elizabeth's boyfriend tried to sink the creepy clown in the dunking booth. he hit the target, but was *just* outside of the inner circle. i think we were all sorry that he wasn't successful!

it was super hot, but we did manage to find some shady spots here and there. elizabeth and i both fell in love with these rainbow umbrellas.

we saw some sweet newborn farm animals and watched some dogs in the dock diving competition, which was really fun.

soaked up the sights and sounds, saw a mini parade, and even managed to walk by chuck schumer several times!

and i had an elephant ear!!! it was SO good. that one did live up to my expectations. mmm, i'm totally craving another one right now.

all in all, it was a good day. if we go again next year, though, i think we'll hit up a fair in new jersey. ;)