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new year's rockin' eve

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my friends, erin & jason, hosted a fun new year's eve party in brooklyn.  it was full of awesome flickr peeps and we all had a great time!  there was delicious homemade pizza to eat and yummy champagne to drink, with dick clark & times square safely far away on tv.  we had some xbox action going on, a group round of old school trivial pursuit, and we even managed to play pictionary on the iPad!  but my favorite part, aside from the wonderful company, was my contribution to the festivities.

inspired by this shot on photojojo, i made a crepe paper streamer wall to decorate a blank wall and to serve as a fun photo backdrop.  it was definitely a hit!


(i like how loc is making the exact same face in the rock star shot as he is in the first one.  tee hee.)

a big thanks to erin, for letting me use her digital shots in this post.

and an extra big thanks to both erin & jason for being such awesome hosts!!


(man, composing shots with the fuji instax sure is tricky . . . especially when there has been wine involved!)