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december daily . . . ish

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i ordered one of elise's december books, but knew that i wouldn't actually do it daily style ala ali edwareds.  but, i really enjoyed documenting the summer and the fall, so i thought i would have a go at the holidays, too.

i still haven't managed to put together my autumn book OR my 33 things book, but this one seemed easiest to tackle first, since everything was fresh in my mind.  hopefully, i'll get to the other two very soon.

and with that, here are a few of my favorite spreads.  enjoy!

ice skating in central park

my photo featured in a pictory showcase and tweeted about by roger ebert.  i kind of love the printed out screenshot of the tweets. 

two page spread of the tree at rockefeller center

scanned copies of instax shots from my birthday


 office party at dos caminos.  i like using overlays to add some interest.  this one was included in the kit.

 ingrid michaelson's holiday hop!!

 using unexpected items, like this coaster, breaks up the pages.  plus, it's cute!  (this one is, at least!)

 i am amazed at how perfectly i stamped that other page.  i didn't do it on purpose, but it lines up perfectly with the coaster!

 i love using picasa to make mini collage pages that can then be printed off as 4"x6" prints.  so easy!

my date stamp got a good workout on this book. 

tucked inside the striped envelope is a list of gifts given and received.

 the end!