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2010 in review

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overall, 2010 treated me much, much better than 2008 & 2009 did.  that said, it was still full of plenty ups and downs.  some of my lowest lows and my highest highs. 

  • january was cold.  i read a lot of books.  that's really about all i remember of it.
  • february brought lots and lots of snow.  it was so pretty!
  • in march, i visited friends in philadelphia, dreamt of spring, sought out color and saw the tim burton exhibit at MoMA.


  • in april, i was part of a big surprise party for one of my best friends in kentucky.  it was so much fun!!  all of the flowers started blooming, which made me a very happy girl.
  • may brought old friends to the city for a visit and a brand new friend into my life.  the internet has been very, very good to me in that respect.  may also held a wonderful polaroid week on flickr and the series finale of LOST.  both bittersweet events.
  • in june, i finally got an iphone!!  it is the BEST.  there was also a lot of outdoor dining and fun events like the renegade craft fair that month.  and i had several photos published in print.   i heart early summer.


  • july had lots of ups and downs.  not my favorite.
  • august took me back home again to indiana, where i lounged at the lake and spent time with my family.  a much needed break from the city.  it also started with an epic day with flickr friends in NYC.
  • september was full of adventures!  a private suite at a yankees game, a trip to long beach, a road trip up to maine, more portrait shoots and meeting new flickr friends in real life.  most excellent.


  • october began in the most difficult way.  but i kept busy after that with a flickr meet-up, a road trip to virginia for a wedding, and more portrait shoots.
  • november was a banner month.  i got my new website up and running, opened up an etsy shop, took more portraits for my project, finished a mini book, flew through another polaroid week on flickr and enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving with friends in brooklyn.
  • december featured a stellar week long birthday celebration, lots of fun holiday events, a photo in a pictory showcase, which ended up on the npr photo site and tweeted by roger ebert.  followed it all up with a trip home to indiana and an epic new year's eve party in brooklyn.


lots of good stuff in there.  2011, you have awfully big shoes to fill, but i have confidence in you.  let's do this!