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a few weeks ago, the mister & i headed down to the jersey shore for a few days for a little babymoon. we managed to snag the last three days of real summer weather, minus the normal summer crowds. it was so nice to get out of the city, spend some QT together and breathe in all of the fresh sea air.

please to enjoy some snaps from the trip.

a super tasty breakfast at the chat & nibble

followed by some time on the beach and then lounging by the hotel pool

chris acting as my stand in for the belly shot. adorkable, no?

i can't get over the fact that we've been married for TWELVE years. it seems impossible, yet totally right, too.

the lovely carousel building

fantastic murals in the shell of the old casino building

the cute ice cream stand that we passed by on monday, only to have it be closed on tuesday and wednesday. boooooo.

i could have stood on the beach all morning long. le sigh.

finished up the trip with lunch with elizabeth. yay!