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2011 in review

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2011 was a really great year! i'm kind of sad to see it go; however, i'm greatly looking forward to experiencing life with baby in 2012!

in january, the mister & i celebrated our fifth anniversary of living in NYC. we also made a trip up to connecticut to celebrate a very handsome little man's first birthday. other highlights? a big snowstorm and seeing colin quinn on broadway. lowlights? a lenghty bout of being sick.

february was awesome, because we moved to brooklyn!! there was also a visit by some great friends, a hilary clinton spotting and the 15th anniversary of our first date. (whoa. we are OLD.)

march had some ups and downs. my heart broke at the news of the massive earthquake and tsunami in japan, but was warmed by all of the online support for my beloved nippon (including my own pop up shop). i was featured on anne's boarding pass series, which was awesome, and we had a movie outing at work. super fun! the month ended epically with our trip to austin and san francisco.

april continued the san francisco goodness, and also saw the completion of the 64 colors project. bittersweet, indeed. it also included a trip to see spring in all of her glory at the brooklyn botanic garden and a jaunt down to washington, dc to see my polaroids in my very first gallery show! the night we got back from dc, we also found out that we were expecting. an epic month, indeed!!

may included another trip to the botanic garden to see the cherry blossoms; always a favorite springtime activity. a rainy day brought a bunch of sick chicks together for the arthritis walk. i also hosted a postcard swap and had a photo published in this cute book.

in june, we were finally able to spill the beans about baby mckee, which was super fun. spotted a few celebrities around town and hit up the renegade craft fair. gay marriage was legalized in new york, which was great cause for celebration! also, fun summer trips to the coney island mermaid parade and the jazz age lawn party on governor's island.

july included a trip to indiana and some much needed time chilling at the lake, followed by polaroid week on flickr. there was some super hot weather and a fun 90s themed birthday party and the epic alexander mcqueen exhibit at the met. capped off the month with summer thanksgiving!

in august, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, experienced our first earthquake in NYC, which was closely followed by our first hurricane. there were also some fun things like YA book club and the decor8 book signing thrown in the mix.

september was super fun! got to see the cubs beat the mets and went on a babymoon to the beach at asbury park. had a brunch date with some girlfriends and finished the dark tower series (which was excellent!).

october was full of adventures! a trip to the cloisters, dinner with my sick chick ladies, another visit from cole & summer, my first trip to rhinebeck and a volunteer day at work. also! dani & i made it in to uppercase magazine. super exciting!

november was another action packed month, as we waited for mix tape to arrive. quality time was spent with this lovely lady, who i watched run the marathon. some awesome friends surprised me with a fantastic baby shower, which was amazing. i made lots of trips to stamford for work, geeked out over 11/11/11 and saw both feist and noel gallagher. also made a quick trip to the top of the rock, celebrated thanksgiving with my awesome brooklyn friends, hosted the in-laws for a couple of days, saw more friends from out of town and had a maternity photo shoot with the amazing cynthia.

what can i say about december? olivia was born!! but before that, we celebrated my 35th birthday with the muppets, lunch and a massage. then, on december 9th, our sweet little girl arrived and it has been a blur ever since. can hardly wait to see what the new year brings!