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oh, betty white. you are so adorable. as much as she is being overexposed these days, you can't help but love her and be happy for her. what a doll . . . even with the "moustache" graffiti.

back in college, my roommates and i were obsessed with "the golden girls." i remember watching it a lot when it first aired when i was a kid. but my fondest memories are sitting around with my girls watching the reruns on lifetime in the middle of the day. (oh, college . . . you and your lax daily schedules.) whenever i come across the golden girls, i think fondly of my roommates.

and i have to say, there are some really, really fun golden girls items floating around on etsy right now. check it!

adorable magnets by hownice


hand stenciled t-shirt by rainbowalternative


pocket mirror by snappy mirrors


so, who was your favorite? rose, blanche, dorothy or sophia?? i'm partial to rose & sophia, myself.