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#9 - ride the roosevelt island tram

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when cole & summer were planning their trip to NYC last weekend, cole mentioned that he'd like to ride the roosevelt island tram. it happened to be on my list, so of course i said yes! so, a few of us met up for lunch at patsy's and then made the four minute tram ride over to roosevelt avenue.

it was a drizzly, foggy, chilly kind of day. i had hoped the prediciton for snow would pan out, since cole & summer were visiting from texas. and i always say that i much prefer 30° and snow to 40° and rain -- i hate that damp, cold feeling that the latter brings. so, even though the weather conditions weren't ideal, we still had a fun day. and the fog actually made for some cool shots throughout the day.

 luckily, the construction on the queensboro bridge is done, so we at least had a nice view of that, even if we couldn't really see the skyline.

 and there was lots of bright red on the island to make up for the dreary, gray day.


and erin purposely brought a bright and colorful umbrella; it was the perfect backdrop for a portrait! i believe erin was checking something on her phone and i said, "erin, stay still, but turn your head toward me." what can i say? the girl takes direction well. =)

it was a little disappointing that the promenade hadn't been shoveled or plowed, but the snow made for an excellent contrast with the bare cherry trees. (i will definitely be back in april to see them all in bloom!!)

(L to R: summer, kasia, cole, jason, erin)

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