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to japan, with love

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kamakura, japan, march 2004

what a way to wake up this morning.


japan holds a very special place in my heart. the mister and i lived there from 2000 to 2001, teaching english. we lived in yokohama where i taught english in junior high schools through the JET programme. it was such a wonderful experience to spend a year abroad, especially in a country that i had studied all through school.

sometimes i feel like i lived in japan just a few years too early. the turn of the century (whoa. did i really just use that phrase??) was not the same world as we know it today. in terms of social media, at least. i remember that i had an MSN groups page where i posted a few photos for friends to see, but it was nothing like blogging today or the amazingness that is flickr, twitter and facebook. still, we rather enjoyed our year there and were sad to leave. there is still so much of the world that i want to see, but i also, almost always want to go back for another visit to japan.

and now, i am heartbroken over the great loss that has occurred near sendai. sadly, i'm sure the news will continue to be worse as the aftershocks are dealt with and the recovery and clean up begin. but for right now, it's all i can do to stay busy at work and not check the news reports *too* often, lest i start to cry right here at my desk.

so, to my nihonjin friends, please know i am thinking of you and wish i could be there to offer a hug and a helping hand. xo