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road trip

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photos by summer huggins (L) and darwin bell (R)

okay, so maybe it's more of a plane trip, but still! vacation!

in just a couple of weeks, i will be making my first ever visits to austin, texas and san francisco, california. to say i am excited is a massive understatement. i've made so many friends that live in austin, that it really is just silly to not visit there! plus, it will be really nice to have a taste of summer after this freezing new york winter. and san francisco? *sigh* i have been dying to go ever since i bought a poster of the golden gate bridge in college. somehow, i've managed to visit los angeles, portland and seattle, but have yet to make it to the west coast city that i want to see the most. and now i'm going!! super duper excited over here.

i am very, very excited to visit both places. if you have any favorite things to do, places to see or food to eat in either city, i'm all ears! please leave any suggestions you have in the comments.