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austin, day 3, part 1

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i loved this conversation between the graffiti and the sign on south congress. adorable.

what a day! we started out with the biggest, baddest breakfast ever at juan in a million. seriously. we each had the "don juan" which was approximately one pound of egg, potato, bacon and cheese. summer and i really should have split a plate, but at just $3.80 a person, we each got our own.

sadly, juan was not there when we were, so we missed out on one of his handshakes. next time, juan, next time.

after we waddled our way to the car, we headed over to a lovely block that had anthropologie, book people and whole foods across the street. first up, though, was anthro, since summer had a gift card burning a hole in her pocket.

i loved this aqua chair. and many, many other things. and i totally should have bought the hat that i liked, since i don't even see it on their website now. =(


whole foods was as amazing as you would expect the flagship store to be. beyond huge and full of goodness. the candy area was amazing! we bypassed these candy apples, but did pick up a few buckeyes, since cole & summer had never tried one. nowhere near as good as my grandma's, but still tasty.

after whole foods, we headed down to south congress, to meet meredith. on the way to our meeting spot, we said hello to some super cute adoptable puppy dogs at the austin pets alive! site.

we met up with meredith and began a photo walk up and down south congress. here are just a few of the photos i took during the walk. i'll be back soon with part 2!!

doesn't this last one just make your heart melt?