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austin, day 3, part 2

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how great is this wall sized postcard for a backdrop?!

so, where were we? oh, right. taking a walk on south congress with cole, summer & meredith.

we found lots and lots of color and fun with every step we took.

and we managed to sneak in a few shots of sneaks.

and followed it all up with cupcakes from delish!

we enjoyed our cupcakes and hung out for a little bit while i snapped some family portraits of cole & summer and the pooches. aren't they the cutest??

then, it was time to head out to alamo drafthouse for a movie. there is a full menu and bar at the alamo, but i made cole stop at chick-fil-a for me, since i can't get it around here. (and yes, it was delicious)

we ended up seeing the adjustment bureau. it was pretty good. and it was really awesome to have a little counter in front of the movie seats with full waiter service!

after the movie, cole drove us around the UT campus and then we stopped to take some night time shots of the capitol building.

a very nice way to end the day.