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san francisco, day 1

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after austin, we flew in to san francisco on a beautiful, sunny day. we were greeted at SFO by a wall full of saxophones and then headed off in a taxi to PJ and martin's house.


we dropped off our luggage, then, PJ and martin took us to lunch at their favorite spot, the village grill.

we had a tasty lunch and then headed up to twin peaks to get our first good look at the city.

and what a look it was. a perfectly sunny spring day with views for miles.

our adorable hosts with the city behind them

if i remember correctly, these people asked martin to take their picture. they looked so happy to be there!

after our hill top view, we drove through golden gate park and made a few stops along the way. first up was stow lake, which had pretty cherry blossom trees blooming and lots of old boats and signage to snap.


as we continued by car, PJ pulled over for us to see the bison. they were just hanging out, enjoying the nice weather like everyone else.

next up was the queen wilhelmina tulip garden with it's striking dutch windmill. on the way in to see it, i noticed that there isn't much you can do in this garden, except for look at the flowers from a safe distance. don't even *think* about petting a squirrel.

we admired the windmill and the tulips, but i was particularly taken with the california poppies, since we don't see them very often on the east coast.

and on our way out of the garden, we saw a pooch that looked so much like henry, that i could hardly believe it wasn't him.

next up was sutro baths, which was incredibly beautiful.

can't you just picture how magnificent they must have been in the 1890s?

after hiking back up a million steps to get back to the car, we drove over to baker beach to get our first good look at the golden gate bridge.

and what a view it was! the weather was so nice, that there were a lot of people sunbathing and playing in the waves, even though the water was freezing. but the dogs didn't seem to mind one bit.

after soaking up all that sun and fresh air, we headed back to PJ and martin's house for some pizza and much needed rest.

stay tuned for days 2-5!