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austin, day 4

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our last day in austin started with another delicious breakfast at torchy's. this time we went to the trailer park location, which was fun. the eating area felt like camp or something and even had a section with a foosball table. it was very kitchsy and chill.

little e even got in on the action by posing with the gold spray painted decor on the outside of the building.

torchy's slogan is 100% true.

after breakfast, we headed over to the alamo draft house so chris could look at t-shirts. we also made a pitstop at precision camera so i could pick up an extra memory card. the guy that helped me ended up being from long island originally, which was kind of awesome.

stripey detail on the back of a fast food restaurant

after that, we headed to the austin homebrew store so chris & dave could look at supplies. cole & i left for a bit to grab some more chick-fil-a and then we all went back to dave's house to ogle the kegerator in his man cave and cuddle up with the adorable winston.

i mean seriously. is this not one of the cutest dogs you've ever seen???

i wanted to steal him.

then, we all piled in the truck and headed over to lake austin for a ride on dave's boat.

it was SO nice to be out on the water, even if it was a bit chilly. some of the houses were insane. take the ones above for instance. they are built up on the ridge and have some kind of funicular system to get down to the water. nuts!

we went down to the 360 bridge and then headed back to the dock. what a great way to spend the afternoon!

i think we wore out winston, though. =)

cole, chris & i headed back to cole's house and made a pit stop at sugar mama's for some more cupcakes. it was a nice afternoon treat.

after a little rest, we headed over to the gun range. yes. you read that right.

we went and shot guns, y'all. it was crazy and loud and i'm not sure i'd ever do it again, but it was kind of cool to have done it once.

after all that excitement, it was time for dinner. we headed over to chuy's for some tasty tex-mex.

i asked everyone to look at the mirror so i could take a group shot, and they all whipped out their iphones to take their own. too cute.

a little more cuddle time with the little letters and the pooches and it was good night austin.

we can hardly wait to go back!!