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san francisco, day 2, part 1

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day two in san francisco was bright & sunny. chris & i had tickets to go to alcatraz in the morning, so we got up and headed down to pier 33.

we had such a nice view of the city and the bridges on the short ferry ride over to the island.

once we arrived on alcatraz, we headed up to the penitentiary and took the audio tour.

it was really fascinating to hear the stories of the inmates. one bit in particular sticks out in my mind. they were discussing how on new year's eve, the inmates could hear the parties going on across the bay. it's only a mile and a half across the water, and being able to hear the celebrations made the inmates realize how trapped they truly were.


chris wanted to re-enact a scene from the rock, but was a little shy with all of the people around. when i saw a plane overhead, i told him it was now or never. luckily, he got over himself and did this:



 after all of that excitement, we wandered around the grounds a little bit and then headed back to the city.


we took a walk along fisherman's wharf. it's as touristy as you would think it would be. but it was a nice day, so we didn't really mind.

and our walk was rewarded with lunch at in-n-out! mmmmm. 

and who did we meet while there? my co-worker, kim! our trips overlapped by a couple of days and we had planned on meeting at her hotel the next day. serendipity decided it would be more fun if we could meet up over burgers. it's always nice to see a familiar face in an unexpected place, don't you think?

and we certainly enjoyed our lunch. nom.

more from day 2 to come!