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#18 - have drinks at a rooftop bar (continued)

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so it seems that putting "have drinks at a rooftop bar" on my 34 list was a great prompt for finding my way on to rooftops this summer. after the first one, i've been on two more with plans for another two or three before the summer is over. fancy!

of course, i'm still limited to drinking soda, water and lemonade, but it's so nice to enjoy a rooftop space in the city. i highly recommend it.


my lovely friend, erin, took this pic of me on our friend tania's temporary digs in brooklyn. it was a small deck, but i would be happy to have even half of that space to call my own.

a few days later, my friend, deanna, and i headed up to the met to check out the alexander mcqueen exhibit. if you haven't been to see it yet -- go. now. seriously. it was amazing. completely worth the hour wait in line.

after taking in all of that beauty, we headed up to the semi-secret rooftop garden. i sipped on a coke while deanna had something a bit stronger and we both greatly enjoyed some people watching.