Jodi McKee

san francisco, day 3, part 1

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our third day in san francisco dawned bright & sunny yet again and we met up with dani & ricky for a big day of adventures!

we started off in search of brunch and came across this sweetie pie of a pup on our way to the clement street bar & grill, which ended up being closed, since it was a weekday.

but we did stumble across a cute place with great light (as shown above) and super delicious breakfast sandwiches, but the name escapes me at the moment . . . hopefully, i'll come across a receipt or business card soon. trust me, though, it was tasty!

after fueling up, we made a beeline for clarion alley, site of much flickr famousness. in fact, the only reason i even knew to go there was from all of the great shots of it on flickr.

martin lent me his wide angle lens, so chris & his long arms were able to get this group shot of me, ricky, dani & himself.

much more to come!!