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san francisco, day 3, part 3

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ahhh, the golden gate bridge. one of the main reasons for our trip. when dani picked the final color of bittersweet, i think we both knew that the bridge would be a great place to search for our last color.

that's a pretty darn close match, wouldn't you say?

dani & ricky. so adorbs.

me & chris. awwww.


cousin it . . . i mean, dani with the wind doing a number on her hair.

is this the spot where they test the paint to make sure it is the right color? or do you think random people off the street are trying to match it on their own?

*so* glad i caught this shot. the sweetest.

a cliche for sure, but such a lovely one, don't you think?

after giving the bridge some love, ricky kindly indulged our request to drive down lombard street. it really is quite something!

then, we swung by alamo square to see the painted ladies, aka the "full house" house.

then, we all headed back to pj & martin's house and were greeted warmly by baba & desi.

desi did come around though. ;)

then, we all headed off for dinner at a kitchsy mexican place near pj & martin's house. tasty!