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san francisco, day 4, part 1

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saturday morning was spent at the beautiful ferry plaza farmer's market. i shot a portrait for my project and then we met up with the lovely leslie and wandered around for a bit.

leslie & i each got an obama 2012 button. got start campaigning early!

the inside of the ferry building was so beautiful.

leslie & dani . . . most likely instagramming.


pretty, pretty ladies

keeping in mind that we were there in early april -- aren't these tulips beautiful? i heart spring.

later on, we met up with the fabulous leah (excuse me, DR. REICH) at the thirsty bear for lunch.

isn't she pretty?

then, we headed over to dogpatch to check out mr. & mrs. miscellaneous for ice cream. leah was super excited because they had bananas foster, but it was sold out by the time we got there. sad.

above left: leah demostrates how to change film while holding on to an ice cream cone. lady has skillz, yo.

above right: dani being her normal adorable self.

mmm, ice cream. a good start to the day, for sure! plenty more to come. i'll get around to posting it . . . eventually.