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project life - weeks 32 - 34

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week 32 . . . let's go back in time to summer, shall we? the olympics were still going strong, orla for method came out and the mister & i went on a date to celebrate our anniversary a few days early.

loved all of those google doodles during the olympics. and olivia loved chewing on her feet! (crazy babies.)

week 33 - the mister & i celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. THIRTEEN people. that's just crazy pants.

it was also polaroid week over on flickr. i used some design I inserts to slip in scanned copies of my instant film shots for the week.

totally stole this cut up photo booth strip idea from elise. LOVE IT.

week 34 -- lots of internet friend meet ups!

love that photo of chris changing olivia's diaper. such an every day kind of moment.

also love meeting up with lots of great ladies! kristen, cozbi, pei, alice & kelly. good eggs, all.

and seriously. how cute is jessa and amit's pup, leah? (TOO CUTE.)

also? macarons. that is all.