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project life - weeks 10 & 11

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thankfully, i am only behind on posting about project life. my book itself is currently up to date. woo hoo!

let's travel back in time and see what was going on in march, m'kay?

this was the week that i finally got my hair cut. i also took olivia to visit my office and my husband's office, so we were on the subway a lot. i printed off part of the MTA map to note that bit.

my stylist is due any day now. she had the cutest baby bump when i saw her last month. also, please note that a hair cut with nick arrojo is $500. zomg.

it was so nice to be out and about in soho. i stopped in to uniqlo and picked up a pretty orla kiely scarf. olivia turned 3 months old that week and we had lunch at five guys over the weekend. i snagged a gift card holder to tuck some journaling in to.

i had some miscellaneous bits left over, so i tucked them in to this vellum envelope and sealed with washi tape.


week 11 marked my final days of maternity leave, olivia's first day at day care and my return to work.

this was also the first week that i used an insert!

i used a file place holder to make notes about work and a smash card to note our current favorite TV shows. i also did some journaling directly on to a photo in photoshop for the first time.

this was a busy week made even more exciting by the fact that i was interviewed in the new york post for an article about pinterest! this is the kind of thing that makes me love project life even more than normal. i would have definitely kept the article, but it would probably end up stuck in a box or file somewhere. this way, it has a safe place and i can look at it whenever the mood strikes.

fun bits from the week: a business card from the cupcake shop and a photo of the bill cunningham documentary dvd.