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i've been keeping track of the movies i've seen over on listography, which prompted me to make a favorite movies list, too. i thought it would be fun to share that list here (with posters!). hope you like my picks.


so beautiful. i love the quirkiness and the overall story, but this is a movie where i can turn down the sound and just have it on for the visuals alone.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

sometimes i forget how great this movie is. then i rewatch it and fall in love with it all over again.

scott pilgrim vs. the world

it's an epic of epic epicness. what more do you need?

the royal tenenbaums

wes anderson can do no wrong in my book. (i'm pretty sure moonrise kingdom will be added to this list after it comes out.)

back to the future

just such a classic. i never really considered it a favorite until recently, when my husband was watching it and i was doing something else. i kept finding myself drawn in to the story and quoting lines without even thinking about it.

love actually

i usually watch this every year around my birthday in december. the past few times i've watched it, i was (gasp) a little bored. but it's such a sweet movie and has some beautiful moments, that it stays on my list.

ferris bueller's day off

another classic. it's just SO GOOD.

lost in translation

having lived in japan for a year, this one resonates with me. just a fantastic film with great acting and beautiful cinematography.

star wars: episode iv - a new hope

another classic. it just is.


do we have any in common? am i forgetting something incredible? tell me your favorites in the comments!