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project life - weeks 13 & 14

project lifeJodi McKee4 Comments

oh, project life. i heart you. and i promise to catch up blogging about you. eventually.

remember back in march when the mega millions was $640 million? yeah, i didn't win, either.

not too many photos this week, but lots of great stuff, like the business card from kelly's birthday dinner at momofuku, alice's gorgeous letterpress card and screenshots of twitter & pinterest. throw in some martha stewart labels and washi tape and call it good.


week 14 was one of my favorites. i absolutely LOVE the week or two in april when everything is in bloom. the magnolias, cherry blossoms, lilac, tulips . . . le sigh.

i love that project life lets me keep and showcase things like the map from the botanic garden. it was fun to cut it up to make it fit in the page protector.

lots of fun meet ups this week! got to meet the lovely pei and see my sick chick club ladies.

i really, really love how this page turned out.

had to document the awesome texts from hillary meme. it was so good while it lasted.


this week, i'm linked up with the mom creative. check out all of the great PL links over there.