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project life - weeks 26 & 27

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well, i seem to have fallen off of the bandwagon when it comes to blogging about project life, but happily, i'm still plugging along with my physical book. so, probably no blog posts for weeks 15-25. maybe i'll get around to going back and posting about them. but i'm probably better off just moving forward, yes?

week 26 marked the start of album number two. i wanted to keep week 26 in album number one, but our vacation straddled weeks 26 and 27 and it felt strange to break them up. so, here we go. summertime. project life style.

i'm kind of in love with my book two title page. don't you just want to dive in to that golden water?

week 26 spread (minus inserts)

this week, i used the state face font that design editor posted about to make a little state to state road trip card. the "away we go" card is from bananafish studio.

the insert covers our first and second days in indiana. the one above is of our day spent with the in-laws. for the journalling card, i used state face again and added a geotag stamp from kelly purkey.

the back side of the insert is our first day at the lake where my family lives. olivia had her first dip in the lake! she also had her first matrix-style slow-mo fight with our friend's daughter. :)

the right side of the spread covers more of our general travel, like crossing bridges, driving past farmland and eating at chick-fil-a. there is some journalling inside that card covered with paper from the american crafts shoreline collection. 

and i love how that martha stewart label fit perfectly on the circle paper.

week 27 covered a few more days of vacation, the fourth of july and a very hot day at a ball game.

olivia's first ride in a cart at target definitely needed its own spot, yes?

a baseball card page protector showcases ALL (well, most) of the people that olivia met for the first time while we were in indiana. so many shots to love here.

backside of the insert. even more peeps!

the right side is mostly july 4th and the cubs vs. mets game on saturday. just for the record, i did not take that photo of the fireworks. i borrowed it from flickr. (i WISH i had taken that photo!)

the week in review journal card is sporting some die cuts from october afternoon.

i LOVE that project life gives me a spot to keep tickets and things. it makes me happy. the cubs lost, though, which makes me sad.

i totally copied design editor on the 4th of july card. (thanks for the idea, catherine!)

now, let's ooh and aah over my title page again. *sigh* i love that photo so much.