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project life - weeks 28 & 29

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week 28 was kind of sparse in the content department . . . but that's always the way the week after vacation, isn't it?

received my kelly purkey hashtag and geotag stamps. super excited for kelly and all of her awesome new products. that postcard on the bottom right came with a zulily order. i'm thinking about busting out some crayons and coloring it in. what do you think? should i?

i made a little pie chart of what i'm drinking these days out of washi tape. not sure if i love it or not, but it does add some nice color to this page. lots of japan-related filler, as a friend of a friend was getting ready to move to tokyo. also! a friends boy/girl twin babies were born!!!

week 29 was a bit more eventful. brunch, national ice cream day, and a date night!

the ice cream paper is by dear lizzy and the labels are all martha stewart for avery at staples.

printed this instagram photo as a 4x6, instead of a 4x4 and added text in photoshop. love how it turned out!

i added some digital stiching from a freebie from digitally smitten. also, i love printing out book covers and movie posters to keep a visual reminder of the week's pop culture. i've always hung on to movie ticket stubs and now having a place for them in project life makes me super happy!