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pinterest HQ

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when i was in san francisco last month for re:make, i had the chance to stop by the pinterest headquarters and take a tour with enid. in the end, it's just an office, but what an amazingly cool office! i would like to work there plz.

that table is made out of yardsticks!

super sweet neon signage.

a really cool art installation near the entrance.

the pinterns lego wall. LOVE the ampersand and pinterest logo!!

all of the conference rooms are named after pinterest memes. ;)

i think enid said this was originally supposed to be a library, but they decided to turn it in to a bar. good choice.

the ubiquitous ryan gosling.

all of the printers are named after star wars characters. so rad.

more cool art.

and they have not one, but two, letterpress machines.

i think i need to apply for a job there, stat.