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project life - january 2013

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project life 2013 -- let's do this!

using elise's seafoam kit this year and absolutely LOVING it so far.

dedicated an entire page to the event of a thread. love how it turned out.

i eyed that showtime ad in the subway all week and made sure to bring my DSLR on friday to get a shot of it to use as my title card. =)


another full page dedicated to elizaeth's wedding!!

a fun day at the impossible project sample sale and brunch with erinholly & tania.

and then there was ms. purkey's farewell party. sad? yes. epically fun? also yes.

i played along with ali's day in the life on the 31st. i kept it simple by using baseball card pages and just digitally stamping the time on each photo. fun and easy.

and that's january!