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the sweet & lovely kelly purkey moved from new york back to the midwest this weekend. to celebrate her and to say see you later (not goodbye), we met up at the smith near lincoln center for dinner, dessert, celebrity spotting and, most importantly, the photo booth.

totally internet famous, KP.

julie spotted michael strahan as we sat down and rachel stopped him on his way out for a photo. one of the perks of living in NYC for sure.

meanwhile, amanda informed us that she follows oprah on instagram. and you should, too.

the food was pretty good, the company was great and the dessert was amazing (i'm looking at you, birthday cake sundae), but really? we were there for the photo booth.

the photo booth is outside of the men's rooms and right next to the communal sinks. don't mind the gaggle of ladies taking photo booth strips and group portraits in the mirror. (but aren't we all so cute??)

missy waits for the photo booth to catch up with us.

the photo booth was chugging along, but kelly was antsy to take more pics!

leigh and kelly always take the cutest strips. <3

this one was everyone's fave, for sure. it was fun to watch us all scramble in and out of the photo booth.

kelly and her spoils. i'm going to miss having you in the city, girl, but i know you'll be back to visit all. the. time. xoxoxo


kelly and i have "known" each other since 2007? 2008? not sure exactly, as we met somewhere along the way on flickr. most likely doing project 365. back then, she lived in chicago. then, it took another three years of her living in NYC for us to finally meet up in person. but we did it! and i am so glad. now . . . who is going to go to ingrid michaelson concerts with me???