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project life - february 2013

project lifeJodi McKee4 Comments

it's almost april! how did that happen? better hurry up and post february pages of project life!

omg, you guys, those bottom two photos of olivia crack. me. up.


still can't get over those roses at duane reade.

valentine's day week was so pretty!!

love those coca-cola cards from sarah.

we had an oscar viewing party! and i made my mom's sugar cookies for the first time. amaze.

cut the winners list out of entertainment weekly and stuck it in that cute little brown bag.

why, yes, i DID save my tray paper from shake shack. what.

tania threw loc a super fun 40th birthday party and chris & i became obsessed with the west wing. <3

march's pages are almost done . . . just need to finish up this week and go back and fill in a few holes. ;)