Jodi McKee

luvocracy: curated personal shopping

Jodi McKee2 Comments

i was approached last fall to become an early tastemaker on the new social shopping site luvocracy. luvocracy is kind of like someone combined pinterest with amazon -- i get to curate my own collections, but anyone who clicks on an item can buy it directly through the site. curated shopping at its finest!


here are some of the highlights:

  • amazing tastemakers from around the web are already on board and creating fantastic collections. just a few of my favorites are kate, joy, joanna, morgan, justina, bonnie & jennifer.
  • you can find small gems from sites like etsy or more mass-produced goods from favorites like west elm and cb2.
  • luvocracy is built for shopping. sometimes when i'm on pinterest and click through to see a product, it is long since sold out. pinterest is amazing for inspiration, but luvocracy is made for purchasing!
  • if an item is sold out, luvocracy will scour the internet to track it down. they can't guarantee that they will find it for you, but the will do their best sleuthing so you don't have to.
  • maybe the best part? every user on the site can earn rewards when someone buys their recommended item. you can use these rewards as credits towards purchases on luvocracy or as a check issued directly to you. basically, you are being rewarded for sourcing a great product. everybody wins!

luvocracy is still invite only and i'd love to extend my invitation to you to join the site. please do check it out and see what you think. i hope you'll love it as much as i do!