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summer in NYC

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i'm not sure how it is the middle of june already, but all of a sudden it seems that my calendar if chock full of great things to do in the city.

jazz age lawn party

photo by mengling zhang

the jazz age lawn party on governor's island was held this past weekend. don't worry, though, it will be back the weekend of august 17th & 18th. governor's island is always a great way to spend a summer day, but the jazz party quirks it up and transports you back in time a bit.

photo by paul stein


summer solstice yoga in times square

this week marks the summer solstice, and tons of yogis will be in times square to chill out among the chaos. a pretty amazing site to see.

photo by jodi mckee


renegade craft fair

all of your favorite etsy shops in the flesh, renegade craft fair is one of my favorite events of the summer. i always go in to thinking that i will start my holiday shopping early, but ususally just find tons of cute things that i want for myself. =)

photos by jodi mckee

this year, renegade will be held at east river state park on june 22nd & 23rd. should be good!


coney island mermaid parade

photos (L to R) by mo riza, jodi mckee, & anna fischer

the coney island mermaid parade is super awesome. sadly, it coincides with renegade this year on saturday, june 22nd, so i don't think i'll make it. but if you have time to go, DO IT. so much fun!!


pride parade

this year, the LGBT pride parade is on sunday, june 30th.

photo by jodi mckee

the happiest of parades, pride is full of great costumes, rainbows galore and tons of fun.



photos (L to R) by: michael trapp, sahadeva hammari, & jodi mckee

manhattanhenge is a very cool phenomenon where the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets on manhattan. i happens a few times a year with the next chance being july 12th & 13th.



smorgasburg is an on-going festival of deliciousness. you can hit it up on saturdays at east river state park and on sundays at the tobacco warehouse in dumbo. kelly purkey has some great posts about it, including one where we were interviewed by the crew from the chew!


there are TONS of other things happening in the city. lots of outdoor movies, street fairs, and things that have already taken place, like the big apple bbq. what are some of your favorites that i missed?