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project life - january 2014

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finally getting around to blogging the beginning of 2014 of project life. title page above -- pretty minimal; just used the sunshine core kit, a card i made in photoshop using an old j.crew ad, and the start button from the studio calico PL kit.

sooooo . . .  the beginning of 2014 pretty much sucked. illness, lice and extreme cold? no thank you.

kind of hilarious, though? how olivia decided that pulling her shirt down around her waist all of the time was acceptable behavior for the middle of winter.

my awesome co-worker's last day at work. miss you, jill!

this was the week that i got to redeem my amazing birthday present from the mr. -- tickets to see once on broadway. SO GOOD.

seriously? january is pretty much a blur of cold and snow. on to the next!