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new york fashion week

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on saturday, i headed up to the empire hotel for rewardStyle's fashion week rooftop party.

there were tons of stylish fashion blogger types there . . . to be honest, i felt a bit out of place. also? how did they all have perfect hair & makeup? it was so hot & humid, all of my makeup wore off and i was sweating up a storm. :/

still, it was a super fun people-watching event. add in some free drinks, snacks & swag, and it was pretty rad.

harley viera-newton dj-ing it up.

oh, hey there, julia engel.

beautiful jewelry on display from kendra scott.

tons of great clothes, but also some pretty outstanding shoes on show as well.

great accessories and lots and lots of dSLRs, too!

after wandering around the party for a while, i headed down to the lincoln center plaza to do some more fashion week people watching. i used to go to fashion week all the time when it was held in bryant park. this is the first time i've ventured up to lincoln square since they moved the event uptown.

LOVE the girl in the middle's entire look. so fun and colorful!

and the day was capped off with a coco rocha sighting.

until next time, fashion week! (probably shouldn't have posted my photo underneath a professional model's . . .)