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DIY watercolor fairy art

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i'm back with another fairy inspired DIY project: custom watercolor art! the best part of this project is that you can resuse the stencil and play with lots of different color palettes. (unless you have a toddler, like me, who wants to use all of the colors at once and it turns in to a big brown blob.)

what you'll need:

a fairy stencil (i made this one by printing out an outline of a fairy, enlarging it, cutting it out on white paper, taping it down to black poster board, and then cutting out the inside of the outline to create the stencil)

washi tape to hold the stencil in place

watercolor paint

watercolor paper (definitely go for the higher quality watercolor paper on this one. regular printing paper will get bumpy from the paint & water)

a glass of water for cleaning your brush + some paper towel or a rag to sop up extra paint or water

tape down your stencil on top of the watercolor paper and have fun mixing up your color palette!

i stuck to cool colors (green, blue, purple) on this go around, but a warm palette of red, orange & yellows would be nice, too. pick colors you love and play around with them. it also helps to use the lid of the paints as a mini palette to create your own hues. it's also good to dab your brush on some paper towel every so often to get rid of the excess water.

et voila! a fun and easy craft project to bring a little magic to your space.


'magic is something you make' print by elise blaha cripe

tie-dyed tea towel by betsy olmstead

'you are beautiful' sticker

pinterest mug was a souvenir from my visit to their HQ back in 2013

fujifilm instax mini 90 neo classic instant film camera

farmers market basket from anthropologie


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