Jodi McKee

Wes Anderson on a Citibike

new york cityJodi McKeeComment

on tuesday, i was walking down broadway, and crossed 19th street to stop in to fishs eddy. i noticed a guy on a citibike and thought he looked familiar. so, like any photo nerd, i snapped a few iphone photos. as the light changed and he started to pedal away, i thought, "holy crap. that was wes anderson! on a citibike!" and promptly tweeted it.

later that evening, i got an email from gothamist asking permission to use the photo. i said yes, and the next thing i know, it's up on their site.

then, it got picked up by vulture and paper. pretty cool, right? i was getting lots of re-tweets and feeling kind of awesome.

THEN, a friend posted on my facebook page that my photo had made it to @midnight. OMG, chris hardwick said my name on TV!!! how awesome is that?? (if you click through to watch the video, the segment starts around 14:04.)

and to top it all off? chris hardwick totally tweeted back at me. =D

yay for lucky celebrity sightings and manhattan and internet randomness!!