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a few weeks ago, the mister and i headed up to boston for a long weekend. we stayed a small, but efficient airbnb in beacon hill. such a charming & beautiful neighborhood!

we didn't do much shopping, but i did stop in to black ink and loved it. super cute gift shop.

we wandered around beacon hill and then cut through boston common and boston public garden. the common was fine, but the garden! so lovely!! i wish we would have made a point to hang out there again, but the time got away from us.

next up was a bit of a wander down newbury street. a mix of boutiques and chain stores, and the buildings were all so lovely.

the next morning, we go up and headed over to the new boston public market where we breakfasted on the most amazing doughnuts from union square donuts. ZOMG, you guys. SO GOOD. we went back for seconds and made a point at stopping at their somerville location on our way out of town.

after fueling up for the day, we did some geocaching and walked a bit of the freedom trail.

the next day, we hit the suburbs to get some chick-fil-a (coming soon to manhattan!), then drove out to cape ann to visit our friend steph and chill out by the shore.

steph dropped us off at good harbor beach and we immediately started planning a vacation there for next summer. absolutely picture perfect. 

after steph was done working for the day, we wandered around her town of rockport. to say it was charming would be a massive understatement. so quintessentially new england!

the next morning, we got up and headed out to the boston museum of fine arts. i had seen some instagrams of the beautiful modern wing and we also wanted to check out the hokusai exhibit.

hokusai was way too crowded for any decent photos, but the modern wing! so good!!

after the museum, we had lunch on newbury street and then took an uber over to check out the lawn on d. unfortunately, i missed the fact that they were throwing a block party that day. needless to say, it was crazy crowded.

we were close to the water, so we walked that way instead and hung out on the harbor for a bit.

it was such a lovely long weekend. hope to make a return visit soon.

Wes Anderson on a Citibike

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on tuesday, i was walking down broadway, and crossed 19th street to stop in to fishs eddy. i noticed a guy on a citibike and thought he looked familiar. so, like any photo nerd, i snapped a few iphone photos. as the light changed and he started to pedal away, i thought, "holy crap. that was wes anderson! on a citibike!" and promptly tweeted it.

later that evening, i got an email from gothamist asking permission to use the photo. i said yes, and the next thing i know, it's up on their site.

then, it got picked up by vulture and paper. pretty cool, right? i was getting lots of re-tweets and feeling kind of awesome.

THEN, a friend posted on my facebook page that my photo had made it to @midnight. OMG, chris hardwick said my name on TV!!! how awesome is that?? (if you click through to watch the video, the segment starts around 14:04.)

and to top it all off? chris hardwick totally tweeted back at me. =D

yay for lucky celebrity sightings and manhattan and internet randomness!!

#LiveItalian with Giada

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#LiveItalian with Giada

I recently attended a magical evening at one of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Frankie's 457. The dinner was hosted by none other than Giada De Laurentiis and Frangelico.

Frangelico Frizzante

The evening started off with two tasty cocktails mixed up by Micaela Piccolo of Distilled. The Friar Tuck was quite tasty and the Frangelico Frizzante was pretty good, too.

An Evening with Giada & Frangelico

The tablescapes were lovely and each place setting had a tiny potted succulent as a take home favor. 

Micaela Piccolo of Distilled

Micaela Piccolo was a drink making machine! Also, she is so cute and friendly. It was a joy to watch her work.

Bufala Mozzarella & Arugula

All of the food was SO GOOD.

Ryan Silverman with Mike Bono on guitar

A little Aperitivi entertainment from Ryan Silverman and Mike Bono on guitar.

The Sunset Sour

The Sunset Sour (Frangelico, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Spiced Simple Syrup, Egg Whites) was my favorite drink of the night. Quite tasty!

Giada De Laurentiis

The lovely Giada telling us about one of the courses.

Giada's Almond Cake

Everything was delicious but the desserts! Giada's almond cake was perfect and the Hazelnut Torte was amazing!

Giada De Laurentiis & Jodi McKee

Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful evening!

back to school style - classic & chic

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classic & chic back to school finds

After yesterday's colorful collection, I thought I would tone things down  bit. This subdued collection is still a bit glam with all of the gold mixed in though, don't you think?

1. white pencils with gold heart

2. pencil case

3. russel + hazel tape dispenser and stapler

4. rupalee scissors

5. well-kept cleansing tech wipes

6. water bottle

7. herschel mini dot backpack

8. poppin gold folio

9. 'like a boss' pencils

10. codify pencil holder

11. kate spade new york polka dot notebook

12. gray rugby stripe harper tote

13. built new york gourmet getaway lunch bag

14. nate berkus gold oversized paper clips

back to school style - cute & colorful

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one world observatory

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last week, i met up with pei and some other really amazing instagrammers to check out the new observatory at one world trade center.


the crowds were kind of ridiculous, but the views? oh, my, they were amazing.

one world observatory.jpg

also slightly annoying was the window set up. it was difficult to get close to the glass and anything light colored (support beams and white shirts, i'm looking at you) made photography a bit tricky.

one world observatory.jpg

but when you manage to squeeze past the crowds and get a prime spot to take in the view . . . it is pure magic. (i love how you can see the washington square park arch there at the bottom.) the city is so lovely as the lights start to come on.

one world observatory.jpg

father's day gift guide

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Father's Day is coming up! Shopping for guys always seems harder than it should be, so I've collected a few favorites here for you to gift to your favorite dad!

1. World's Greatest Dad card by Rifle Paper Co.

2. Gameboy iPhone case

3. Custom photo beer bottle labels

4. Keysmart key organizer

5. Geek Dad

6. I Can't Adult Today t-shirt

7. Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

8. Custom photo book from Artifact Uprising

9. Father's Day Plaid card by Rifle Paper Co.

pixie hollow easter crafts

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Today, I have three Easter craft projects inspired by Disney's Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. All three are easy enough for you and your kids to make together, so hop to it! ;)

First up are these simple, but beautiful, terrarium Easter eggs.

All you need for these lovelies are clear plastic eggs, dried moss, and faux flowers. Simply fill the eggs with the moss and flower petals and they are ready to display!

 Next up are some fun NeverBeast Easter baskets.

To make these, you will need the following:

Tinker Bell, Fawn, and Gruff printables from Disney's site. (Fairy coloring pages here. Gruff mask printable here.)

Plain pail, bucket, or basket

Small craft scissors

Washi tape

All-purpose craft paint

Paint brushes or foam pouncers

To make:

Print the fairy and Gruff printables on cardstock.

Cut out the inside shape of each to make your stencil.

Tape the stencil to the bucket with washi tape (or other low-tack tape).

Dab paint over the image.

Carefully lift up washi tape and stencil to reveal the final image.

Let dry fully before using.

Once dry, fill with treats and enjoy!

String Easter eggs are the last craft project I have for you today. These are fairly east to make, if a bit messy!


Embroidery floss

Elmer's glue

Water balloons

Balloon inflator (optional)

Wax paper

To make: 

Inflate the balloons with the balloon inflator (it will save you so much time and light-headedness!)

Cut several arm-lengths of embroidery floss.

Pour some glue in a bowl and add a tiny bit of water to keep the consistency on the thin side.

Lay down some wax paper to set the balloons on when you are done putting floss on them.

Take a piece of floss and dunk it in the glue. Be sure to coat it thoroughly and then squeeze out the excess with your fingers (messy, but super fun!).

Arrange several pieces of floss around the balloon to create your egg.

Pretend you are in the second grade and pull the dried glue off of your fingers.

Set on wax paper to dry for several hours.

Once dry, use a straight pin or scissor point to pop the balloon (it makes the best crackling sound!). Carefully remove the balloon from the egg. 

Now, you are ready to hang up your eggs or display them in a decorative bowl or basket!

Add some joy to your Easter basket this season with Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast!

anthro in india

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absolutely LOVING these new images from anthropologie. i mean, i always love their clothing, but the photo shoot in india is mesmerizing.


row one (L to R): chambray anorak + skinny flare jeans | poplin empire top + birds of paradise shorts | chambray swing top + fishing line charlie trousers

row two (L to R): pleated plaid dress | lavana dress | skyscape maxi dress


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DIY pixie hollow party invitations

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invitations set the tone of any party you throw. for a pixie hollow themed party, these DIY gruff invitations definitely add a sense of whimsy to the event. these invites are sure to be a hit with kids (and their parents) and will get everyone excited for your pixie hollow party!

what you'll need:

white cardstock

floral scrapbook paper (optional)

small craft scissors

mini brads

green cellophane

tape runner or glue stick

washi tape

sharpie marker

pink envelopes

gruff face mask printable


to create the front of the invitation, open the gruff face mask printable in photoshop.

rotate the image 50° and crop approximately 7" x 5" at 300 dpi.

copy and paste two (2) of the cropped images on an 8.5" x 11" canvas and print on white cardstock.

use craft scissors to cut out the face shape and cut out the eye openings.

trace the face shape on a piece of blank cardstock and cut out the outline. this will be the second page of your invitation.

optional: trace the mirror image of the blank cardstock on patterned scrapbook paper to add a decorate element. cut out and adhere to the back of the second page.

trace the eye holes in pencil on the second page, but do not cut out.

cut a strip of green cellophane to put behind the eye openings and secure with colorful washi tape.

on the second page, use a sharpie to outline the eye shapes. these will be the "O"s in the word "hollow".

finish writing "hollow" and then add pixie above and party below (end result will read, "pixie hollow party!"). then, add in your party details.

attach the two pages with a mini brad in the upper left corner.

address your envelopes, slip in an invitation, seal, add a stamp, and drop in the mail.

DIY fairy flower lights

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are you looking for an easy way to decorate for a party? then, this DIY is perfect for you. these fairy flower lights are simple to create and make a big impact.


LED globe bulb lights (incandescent bulbs shown above, but they got very hot; i highly recommend using LED lights for safety!)

cupcake liners

X-acto knife

cutting mat or leftover cardboard


simply cut an X in the base of each cupcake liner and slip two liners over each bulb.

be sure to keep the paper from directly contacting the bulb. 

hang and enjoy!

see? i told you it was easy!

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