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the sixty-four colors book
is now for sale!


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etsy shop update & sale

spring is here and i have updated my etsy shop!

i have a lovely spring postcard set to add a little happiness to your day. spring is stuggling to find it's way to the northeast, so these pretty postcards are making me extra happy. i hope you enjoy them, too!

i have also listed several of the photos that are currently on display at the lamont bishop gallery in washington, d.c. are part of the polaroid retrospective. the show is on display until april 30th, and to celebrate, please use coupon code GALLERY11 to receive 10% off of your order through the end of the month.



guys! i have a few polaroids in this show that opens tomorrow in washington, d.c. twenty-five of us are showing original polaroids and some enlargements. lots of the pieces are for sale. if you are in the area, i hope you can stop by! the show runs through april 30th.


four stars

my week in austin and san francisco was amazing. i have approximately 2750 photos to sort through before i can fully tell you about all of it. i can tell you this, though. the food in austin is amazing, the beaches in san francisco are stunning, and cole & summer in austin and patti & martin in san francisco are truly wonderful hosts.

also? it was fabulous to spend time with chris, dani, ricky, dave, cindy, meredith, leah and leslie!


boarding pass


i'm feautured on anne's boarding pass series today over on . head over there and check it out. so exciting!


to japan, with love: photos for a cause

after i posted this on friday, tania e-mailed me and suggested we open a print shop of photos taken in japan and donate the net proceeds to doctors without borders/medicins sans frontiers to help with the relief efforts in northern japan. i thought it was a terrific idea, so now, here we are with our print shop, "to japan, with love" now open for business. all of the net proceeds will be donated directly to doctors without borders.

we hope you will take a moment to donate and in return, enjoy a small token of our love for japan in print form.