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austin, day 3, part 1

i loved this conversation between the graffiti and the sign on south congress. adorable.

what a day! we started out with the biggest, baddest breakfast ever at juan in a million. seriously. we each had the "don juan" which was approximately one pound of egg, potato, bacon and cheese. summer and i really should have split a plate, but at just $3.80 a person, we each got our own.

sadly, juan was not there when we were, so we missed out on one of his handshakes. next time, juan, next time.

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i'm headed to down to washington, d.c. to see some of my polaroids in exposed: the polaroid retrospective II this weekend! i am really excited to see some of my work framed and up on the wall in the lamont bishop gallery. so exciting!

if you're in the d.c. area, the show is on through next saturday (april 30th). i hope you can stop by and check it out!

also? use coupon code GALLERY11 on anything in my etsy shop to receive 10% off of your order through the end of the month!


austin, day 2

our first full day in austin, started with a super delicious brunch at torchy's tacos. the tacos were crazy good and they had boylan's root beer on tap. plus, dublin dr. pepper, which is made with pure cane sugar. mmm. just writing a couple of sentences about this place is making my mouth water.

after brunch, we headed over to auditorium shores and waited at the stevie ray vaughan statue to meet up with some friends who just moved down to austin from chicago.

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sixty-four colors

there is still so much to say about my trip to austin and san francisco, but i have to mention here that the san francisco leg was to meet up with the wonderful dani and have a sixty-four colors blow-out weekend! it was our final week of the project and we decided it would be fantastic to meet up in an awesome city and seek out the final color together. it was a blast!!!

(dani on the left, jodi on the right)

there will be much, much more on this topic as i make my way through the san francisco pics, but for now, i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed along on our journey. also, i want to announce that i have just opened the group for round two! so, if you think you'd like to come along on a colorful treasure hunt, then just click here.


austin, day 1

really? there's not to much to say for day one, except that jetblue is AWESOME. it was our first time flying with them and i was thoroughly pleased. from terminal 5 at JFK to the comfy seats with tvs, it was a good flight.

we got in to austin fairly late, so the terminal was very quiet and all the shops were closed. it made photography that much easier, so i didn't mind.

the mister & i both noticed instantly how humid it felt. granted, we had had snow a few days earlier in new york, so anything resembling warm was bound to feel different. we made our way to baggage claim and had a warm welcome from cole & summer. then, it was off to their house to get some shut eye.