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#9 - ride the roosevelt island tram

when cole & summer were planning their trip to NYC last weekend, cole mentioned that he'd like to ride the roosevelt island tram. it happened to be on my list, so of course i said yes! so, a few of us met up for lunch at patsy's and then made the four minute tram ride over to roosevelt avenue.

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new digs

this is not to scale; just a rough mock-up of our new apartment. i haven't measured anything in there yet, so i did the best i could to guess-timate. just wanted to play around with and get an idea of where our stuff will go. and in case you were wondering, yes, the entry closests are really, really, really big. like, big enough for me to stand in and close the door.

although that second bedroom *looks* like a guest room, it will likely be filled with lots and lots of boxes for a while. i'm looking forward to being able to keep the unsorted boxes in there while we make the rest of the place organized and livable.

i will try to borrow a wide-angle lens to give you a better idea of what the rooms look like when we get the keys next week. i am SO. EXCITED.



oh, betty white. you are so adorable. as much as she is being overexposed these days, you can't help but love her and be happy for her. what a doll . . . even with the "moustache" graffiti.

back in college, my roommates and i were obsessed with "the golden girls." i remember watching it a lot when it first aired when i was a kid. but my fondest memories are sitting around with my girls watching the reruns on lifetime in the middle of the day. (oh, college . . . you and your lax daily schedules.) whenever i come across the golden girls, i think fondly of my roommates.

and i have to say, there are some really, really fun golden girls items floating around on etsy right now. check it!

adorable magnets by hownice


hand stenciled t-shirt by rainbowalternative


pocket mirror by snappy mirrors


so, who was your favorite? rose, blanche, dorothy or sophia?? i'm partial to rose & sophia, myself.


no sleep 'til

the mister and i have been approved for a really nice two bedroom apartment in the bay ridge neighborhood of brooklyn. to say we're excited is a massive understatement! we are super excited to get out of our current place, if only for our noisy, karaoke-loving downstairs neighbors. but at our new place, we'll be close to shore road park, minutes away from minty and kriegs, close to the subway, the library, the farmer's market, a zipcar location, a cupcake shop and an amazing specialty beer store. what else could we need??


also? i can hardly wait to move in and start decorating!!


rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

xin nian kuai le! gong xi fa cai!

happy chinese new year! it's the year of the rabbit, so i thought i'd share some bunny goodness that has caught my eye lately. enjoy!

super cute pink bunny pillow

funny bunny cardigan

a bunny love valentine

rabbit t-shirt


rabbit print pillow at the lovely home of little miss twig

adorable bunny ring that seems to no longer exist on etsy. sad!