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chris & i are going to have a baby!! we are beyond thrilled and can hardly wait to meet our little bean around christmas. and seriously? this is going to be the blondest, most blue-eyed baby EVER.



the mister & i made our way over to mccarren park today to check out the renegade craft fair. thankfully, the rain held off, and we found a lot of good stuff!

these felt taxidermery pieces from horrible adorables were pretty sweet.

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holly is hosting a little blogger meet & greet called stripemania. super fun, as we all know that bloggers love to wear stripes!


renegade, bishes!


the renegade craft fair is this weekend at mccarren park in brooklyn! there are going to be tons of great artists selling their wares.


#1 - go to the whitney museum

finally! i've been meaning to go to the whitney for about five years. i even used to see an orthodontist who was just down the block (yes, i had braces when i was 30), but still hadn't made it inside until last friday. (thanks summer fridays!!)

the whitney doesn't allow photography inside, so i didn't bring my camera. it turned out, though, that the cory arcangel: pro tools exhibit did, so i snapped a few shots with my iphone.

the whole exhibit was the most interesting of the bunch, and i particularly liked his photoshop gradient demonstrations. they were so graphic and colorful!

until next time, whitney. until next time.