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san francisco sneak peek

so many photos to process. so little time.


postcard swap! (and a giveaway)

hello, friends! i had such a good time during andrea's postcard swap back in 2007, that i wanted to host my own this summer, and cross off #27 on my list.

so, who's with me?

depending on how many people sign up, here is the game plan:

1. i will split the participants in to groups of 5 or so. you will make a postcard for each person in your group. the loose theme will be "summer". how you want to approach this is completely up to you! photography, collage, painting, digital printing . . . whatever inspires you. just try to keep the idea of summer in mind. the point is to see where everyone's creativity takes them and to receive some awesome stuff in the mail. (and really, who doesn't love that?)

2. sign up in the next two weeks (by friday, may 20th) by leaving me a comment here (make sure to leave an email address--but don't worry, your address is only visible to me). i will put together a list of all the participants and put them into groups of 5-6. i will then send out each group's info to its members by may 23rd.

3. once you have your group, start brainstorming and work on creating your postcards!

4. send your postcards out by the first day of summer, june 21st. then, curl up on the front porch, take a nap in the sunshine, hang out at your homeade lemonade stand and await the delivery of some awesomeness from your mail carrier.

and in honor of this summer postcard swap, i'm giving away a set of my spring postcards to one lucky reader! in order to be eligible for the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post. you don't have to sign up for the postcard swap, but i hope that you will! i promise it will be tons of fun!



austin, day 4

our last day in austin started with another delicious breakfast at torchy's. this time we went to the trailer park location, which was fun. the eating area felt like camp or something and even had a section with a foosball table. it was very kitchsy and chill.

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#4 - have dinner at co ba

a couple of weeks ago, elizabeth came up to the city for the day during her epic week off. we headed over to co ba in chelsea for dinner. she was curious to try vietnamese and i was eager to cross #4 off of my list.

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austin, day 3, part 2

how great is this wall sized postcard for a backdrop?!

so, where were we? oh, right. taking a walk on south congress with cole, summer & meredith.

we found lots and lots of color and fun with every step we took.

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