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a very merry christmas

it's funny how christmas morning changes for you once you have kids of your own. i still love giving and receiving gifts with my friends and family, but this year, i was so much more focused on this little cutie. it is such a joy to see her enjoy herself and experience this magical holiday.


'tis the season

i managed to make my way over to rockefeller center the other night to see the tree. it's always a little too crowded, but it's also too pretty to pass up.

i love christmas time in the city. so very, very much.



twelve year old jodi is LOVING the current unicorn trend.

clockwise from top left:

1. vintage brass unicorn; 2. always be yourself print; 3. unicorn soft sculpture;

4. trophy head; 5. floral print; 6. haters gonna hate; 7. needlepoint pillow;

8. rubber stamp; 9. ring holder

there are SO MANY other great things out there right now, too, but i had to narrow it down. i even just saw a unicorn horn sparkle headband at a holiday craft fair. awesome. maybe a follow-up post will be in order in a week or two?


birthday girl

oh, yeah. i totally had a mcdonald's birthday party when i was five (or six?). it was awesome. let's hope today can top it. ;)



a quick trip to chicago for work, but i managed to have dinner at siena tavern and sneak in a quick visit to the bean.