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header font is 'asterism' by molly jacques erickson


2015 ikea catalog

i recently attended a sneak peek of the 2015 ikea catalog.

the title of the catalog is "where the everyday begins" and the focus of the event was bedrooms and bathrooms.

they also have a cool feature with the ikea catalog app where you can virtually place products in your home to see how they would look. pretty cool, right??

my friend, jill, went with me to the event and we both LOVED this corner. all the cool DIY features and poppy colors. super fun.

these bright yellows were pretty great, too.

and the rugs! you guys. so fantastic. we both fell in love with that simple one up top and then one of the IKEA reps was telling us about these pieced kilim rugs. they are all one of a kind and made from remnants of old rugs. super cool.

thanks for a fun evening, IKEA!


an amazingly cute bunny

photo by mark eastment found via pinterest


makeshift society brooklyn

as a backer of the makeshift society brooklyn kickstarter, i got a free ticket to last night's launch party! i didn't stay long (as social anxiety got the better of me), but i did manage to say hello to anna (finally) and a quick hello to rena. i had a glass of wine and checked out the space. it's pretty awesome. and now i am totally angling for a legit reason to go there to work.

hope to be back soon!



a while back, casetify (fka casetagram) reached out to me to see if i'd be interested in creating my own case. i am always on the look out for a new iphone case, so of course i said yes!

the app is super easy to use; the hard part (of course) is picking which photo(s) to use. i toyed around with photos of olivia, pics of new york city, casetify's preset stamps . . . in the end, i decided to use a photo of my friend tania's awesome wallpaper. i like my cases to be simple and graphic.

ordering through the app was super easy and it shipped quickly.

love their simple, clean packaging.

and i love how the case turned out!

it's pretty, slim, but still sturdy. highly recommend!

thanks so much, casetify!


(pola)roid week

another 'roid week as come and gone. it wasn't quite the same this year for many reasons.

  • i had more fuji instax shots than i did shots on polaroid or impossible project film.
  • flickr is just weird now. the navigation is just so much different that it used to be . . . hard to adjust to it.
  • also? i was super busy at work and didn't have much time to scroll through the group pool.

it's still one of my favorite weeks, though. already looking forward to next year!