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the sixty-four colors book
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header font is 'asterism' by molly jacques erickson


holiday cards at target

please excuse this horrible iPhone photo, but look how cute all of these holiday cards are! nice work, target, nice work.


gift guide - under $25

i've rounded up some gift guides over on luvocracy. above are a few of my selections for good stocking stuffers and secret santa exchanges -- everything in this collection is under $25. and to add to the ease of their one-stop shopping, luvocracy is offering FREE SHIPPING all weekend (friday 11/15 to monday 11/18). go get a jump on your holiday shopping!


pinterest HQ

when i was in san francisco last month for re:make, i had the chance to stop by the pinterest headquarters and take a tour with enid. in the end, it's just an office, but what an amazingly cool office! i would like to work there plz.

that table is made out of yardsticks!

super sweet neon signage.

a really cool art installation near the entrance.

the pinterns lego wall. LOVE the ampersand and pinterest logo!!

all of the conference rooms are named after pinterest memes. ;)

i think enid said this was originally supposed to be a library, but they decided to turn it in to a bar. good choice.

the ubiquitous ryan gosling.

all of the printers are named after star wars characters. so rad.

more cool art.

and they have not one, but two, letterpress machines.

i think i need to apply for a job there, stat.


autumn in new york

my favorite tree on my street is in full color right now and dropping lots of lovely leaves. this makes for several #fromwhereistand shots lately on instagram. =)


autoimmune portrait project

i have a couple of recent portraits up over on my autoimmune portrait project page. please check them out and read ainslie and RA guy's inspiring stories.