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december daily 2016

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I'm getting so excited to do December Daily again this year. My kit from Ali Edwards arrived last week and I have been browsing the internet for inspiration. I love looking through everyone else's albums, so I thought I would share mine as well. Enjoy!

DD post-3.jpg

Scroll through the gallery above to view my 2016 album.

I tend to be light on the journalling and heavy on the photos, as you can see in my 2016 album. Hopefully to incorporate more writing in to this year's album!

I loved using the Paislee Press mini kit last year and am doing the same again this year. I also LOVED having a space at the end of my album to store all of the wonderful photo holiday cards I received as well as a few special non-photo ones, too.

december daily

Happy Almost Holidays! :)

week in the life: title page & monday pages

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week in the life title page

 I participated in Ali Edwards's Week in the Life a couple of years ago and incorporated it in to my Project Life album. This year, I decided to buy one of Ali's kits and go all in. It was so much fun!! You can see my title page in the middle of the photo above. Below, are my pages from Monday.

week in the life - monday

I started each day of the week with a large 6" x 8" photo with the day of the week and the date added in through Photoshop. I put a photo on one side of a 3" x 8" page protector and detailed what I ate throughout the day on the back. I kept the following page consistent each day by using Ali's day of the week gold foil embossed card and a photo of me at my desk.

week in the life - monday

The next pages are a mix of things from my day. Some days had extra photos that I added in simply adhering two photos together and punching them with my Crop-a-dile to fit in the album.

week in the life - monday
week in the life - monday
week in the life - monday
week in the life - monday

Preschooler meltdown documented = real life.

week in the life

The final page of the day is another large 6" x 8" photo with a vellum letter attached.

Stay tuned for the rest of my days of the week!

pixie hollow easter crafts

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Today, I have three Easter craft projects inspired by Disney's Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. All three are easy enough for you and your kids to make together, so hop to it! ;)

First up are these simple, but beautiful, terrarium Easter eggs.

All you need for these lovelies are clear plastic eggs, dried moss, and faux flowers. Simply fill the eggs with the moss and flower petals and they are ready to display!

 Next up are some fun NeverBeast Easter baskets.

To make these, you will need the following:

Tinker Bell, Fawn, and Gruff printables from Disney's site. (Fairy coloring pages here. Gruff mask printable here.)

Plain pail, bucket, or basket

Small craft scissors

Washi tape

All-purpose craft paint

Paint brushes or foam pouncers

To make:

Print the fairy and Gruff printables on cardstock.

Cut out the inside shape of each to make your stencil.

Tape the stencil to the bucket with washi tape (or other low-tack tape).

Dab paint over the image.

Carefully lift up washi tape and stencil to reveal the final image.

Let dry fully before using.

Once dry, fill with treats and enjoy!

String Easter eggs are the last craft project I have for you today. These are fairly east to make, if a bit messy!


Embroidery floss

Elmer's glue

Water balloons

Balloon inflator (optional)

Wax paper

To make: 

Inflate the balloons with the balloon inflator (it will save you so much time and light-headedness!)

Cut several arm-lengths of embroidery floss.

Pour some glue in a bowl and add a tiny bit of water to keep the consistency on the thin side.

Lay down some wax paper to set the balloons on when you are done putting floss on them.

Take a piece of floss and dunk it in the glue. Be sure to coat it thoroughly and then squeeze out the excess with your fingers (messy, but super fun!).

Arrange several pieces of floss around the balloon to create your egg.

Pretend you are in the second grade and pull the dried glue off of your fingers.

Set on wax paper to dry for several hours.

Once dry, use a straight pin or scissor point to pop the balloon (it makes the best crackling sound!). Carefully remove the balloon from the egg. 

Now, you are ready to hang up your eggs or display them in a decorative bowl or basket!

Add some joy to your Easter basket this season with Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast!

DIY pixie hollow party invitations

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invitations set the tone of any party you throw. for a pixie hollow themed party, these DIY gruff invitations definitely add a sense of whimsy to the event. these invites are sure to be a hit with kids (and their parents) and will get everyone excited for your pixie hollow party!

what you'll need:

white cardstock

floral scrapbook paper (optional)

small craft scissors

mini brads

green cellophane

tape runner or glue stick

washi tape

sharpie marker

pink envelopes

gruff face mask printable


to create the front of the invitation, open the gruff face mask printable in photoshop.

rotate the image 50° and crop approximately 7" x 5" at 300 dpi.

copy and paste two (2) of the cropped images on an 8.5" x 11" canvas and print on white cardstock.

use craft scissors to cut out the face shape and cut out the eye openings.

trace the face shape on a piece of blank cardstock and cut out the outline. this will be the second page of your invitation.

optional: trace the mirror image of the blank cardstock on patterned scrapbook paper to add a decorate element. cut out and adhere to the back of the second page.

trace the eye holes in pencil on the second page, but do not cut out.

cut a strip of green cellophane to put behind the eye openings and secure with colorful washi tape.

on the second page, use a sharpie to outline the eye shapes. these will be the "O"s in the word "hollow".

finish writing "hollow" and then add pixie above and party below (end result will read, "pixie hollow party!"). then, add in your party details.

attach the two pages with a mini brad in the upper left corner.

address your envelopes, slip in an invitation, seal, add a stamp, and drop in the mail.

DIY fairy flower lights

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are you looking for an easy way to decorate for a party? then, this DIY is perfect for you. these fairy flower lights are simple to create and make a big impact.


LED globe bulb lights (incandescent bulbs shown above, but they got very hot; i highly recommend using LED lights for safety!)

cupcake liners

X-acto knife

cutting mat or leftover cardboard


simply cut an X in the base of each cupcake liner and slip two liners over each bulb.

be sure to keep the paper from directly contacting the bulb. 

hang and enjoy!

see? i told you it was easy!

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