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pin the tail on gruff

this post is in partnership with disney's tinker bell and the legend of the neverbeast.

this easy DIY project is a pixie hollow take on the classic pin the tail on the donkey.

here's how to create your own:

  • edit out the text in photoshop and resize image to 18" x 24" (or larger) at 300 dpi.
  • upload image to staples engineering print OR crop image in to sections measuring 8.5" x 11" and print at home.
  • use several types of green ribbon for the tail; add tape to the back of the knot.


*this post contains affiliate links.


DIY valentine's day garland + free printable

i saw this idea on pinterest and thought i would give it a go . . .  and it turned out just okay. but! i will show you how i did it, offer suggestions on how to make it better, and give you a free LOVE printable, all in time for valentine's day. sound good?



small craft scissors

elmer's glue


baker's twine

washi tape

use small, sharp craft detail scissors to cut out the letters.

spread glue evenly on each letter and sprinkle LOTS of glitter over each one.

let dry, then shake off excess, fill in gaps with more glue + glitter

once dry, lay the letters out face side down and attach baker's twine with washi tape.

i think mine could have used another round of glue + glitter, but i was in a hurry to get this photographed and posted. maybe glitter glue would work better? if you give it a try, let me know how yours turns out!

hang and enjoy!

and if anything, just print out the printable and hang that up for some simple festiveness. ;)




DIY watercolor fairy art

i'm back with another fairy inspired DIY project: custom watercolor art! the best part of this project is that you can resuse the stencil and play with lots of different color palettes. (unless you have a toddler, like me, who wants to use all of the colors at once and it turns in to a big brown blob.)

what you'll need:

a fairy stencil (i made this one by printing out an outline of a fairy, enlarging it, cutting it out on white paper, taping it down to black poster board, and then cutting out the inside of the outline to create the stencil)

washi tape to hold the stencil in place

watercolor paint

watercolor paper (definitely go for the higher quality watercolor paper on this one. regular printing paper will get bumpy from the paint & water)

a glass of water for cleaning your brush + some paper towel or a rag to sop up extra paint or water

tape down your stencil on top of the watercolor paper and have fun mixing up your color palette!

i stuck to cool colors (green, blue, purple) on this go around, but a warm palette of red, orange & yellows would be nice, too. pick colors you love and play around with them. it also helps to use the lid of the paints as a mini palette to create your own hues. it's also good to dab your brush on some paper towel every so often to get rid of the excess water.

et voila! a fun and easy craft project to bring a little magic to your space.


'magic is something you make' print by elise blaha cripe

tie-dyed tea towel by betsy olmstead

'you are beautiful' sticker

pinterest mug was a souvenir from my visit to their HQ back in 2013

fujifilm instax mini 90 neo classic instant film camera

farmers market basket from anthropologie


this post is sponsored in part by lucasfilm's new movie, strange magic, in theatres on january 23rd.

this post also contains some affiliate links. all photos, words and opinions are my own.



DIY fairy bottle party favors

these little fairy bottles are super easy to make, plus fun and sparkly. what more do you need?


clear bottles with cork stopper (or screw on lids)

distilled water


glitter, sequins, metallic confetti, etc.

ribbon, lace, or twine to wrap around the neck. (i used ribbon i had on hand, but i kind of want to redo them with lace and sparkly twine!)

to make:

pour distilled water and glycerin into the bottle at a ratio of 1:1

add glitter, metallic confetti, sequins, etc. in to your bottle

close the bottle
wrap pretty ribbon, lace, or twine (or a combination!) around the bottle neck


give them a shake and set them out for your guests to take home after the party!

hold up to the light and enjoy!


this post is sponsored in part by lucasfilm's new movie, strange magic, in theatres on january 23rd.

this post also contains affiliate links. all photos, words and opinions are my own.


DIY birthday party invites

little miss o is turning THREE in a few weeks and i kind of can't believe it. so much so that i forgot to set party details in time to order custom invites from minted or tiny prints without paying expedited shipping. :/

DIY to the rescue!



other items in the top photo: tiny animals, noise makers from oh joy! for target (spring line discontinued, but there is a new line out for the holidays!)

i LOVE this photo of olivia. great expression, her eyes pop, and there is a lot of negative space to work with.

i opened the photo in photoshop and resized to 7"x 5". be sure to set the resolution to 300 dpi so your photo will print clearly!

note: if you don't have photoshop, you can use the free online editor ribbet to add text.

next, i added a text layer and entered the party details.

and here's the finished digital product! the top font is savu and the bottom is good ol' times new roman. both are easy to read and put the focus on the facts and that cute smiling face. ;)

i printed my photos at home, but you could also use a print service like persnickety prints, snapfish, etc. i used a semi-gloss photo paper, so if you send out to print, i would suggest selecting a matte finish (but that's just my preference).

now it's time to add some sparkle. simply use the glue pen to add a little dab of glue where you want to place a sequin. lay the sequin on top of the glue and then use the pen cap to push it down for a few seconds. i used about seven sequins per invitation, which added just enough shine without feeling too overwhelming.

you can either put one in an envelope and mail off to your guest, or add a 7"x5" piece of patterned paper to the back to make it a little firmer &/or add some more color.


**disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.