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(pola)roid week

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another 'roid week as come and gone. it wasn't quite the same this year for many reasons.

  • i had more fuji instax shots than i did shots on polaroid or impossible project film.
  • flickr is just weird now. the navigation is just so much different that it used to be . . . hard to adjust to it.
  • also? i was super busy at work and didn't have much time to scroll through the group pool.

it's still one of my favorite weeks, though. already looking forward to next year!

the final day of 'roid week

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another 'roid week has come and gone. so much awesomeness in such a short time. above are my day 5 contributions to the amazing pool and below are some final faves.

1. Untitled, 2. Sunny., 3. the stars come out in a sky aflame, 4. And Rest, 5. Zebras, 6. Goodbye 'Roid Week!, 7. Pony, 8. Go fly a kite, 9. Untitled

(whoops -- looks like #3 isn't from 'roid week. but it IS a polaroid and it IS very beautiful, so i'm keeping it.)

it's summer 'roid week, y'all!

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hooray!! 'roid week is here! it is my most favorite week on flickr. it's just so inspiring to see all of the great work and the enthusiasm for instant film. sadly, i'm almost out of polaroid 600 film. hoping i can get the hang of the impossible project film before the next 'roid week rolls around.

above are my submissions for day one and below are just a few of my favorites from the day. enjoy!

1. the big top, 2. knitting, 3. birthday cheer squad, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. monday**, 8. Untitled

fall 'roid week

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'roid week is now a fleeting memory, but boy, was it good while it lasted.

here are my day four and five shots for your perusal.














and here a small handful of my favorites images by other photographers.  to see all of my 'roid week shots and faves, click here.














1. danisoul, 2. lilacmoon, 3. minecreations, 4. his&hers, 5. maplesyruponly, 6. olivier barjolle,
7. kristin~mainemomma, 8. girlhula, 9. Rebecca...

and to top it all off, i was one of the lucky winners of the amazing giveaways that the 'roid week team hosted!!  i won this lovely little calendar from xoazuree.  isn't it cute?  i can hardly wait to hang it up for 2011.

until next time, 'roid week.  xo


#31 - add to the list of flickr friends that i have met in real life.

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(the lovely elizabeth taylor)

i am an idiot. i recently met meredith and stephanie and was all excited to put together a post about #31 on my list.

(meredith & kristin on the brooklyn bridge)

then, as i was going through photos, i realized that i met, lindsay, tania AND jason this year.

(tania & lindsay at an anthropologie event)

(jason & erin in front of soba-ya)

and i got to see kristin again! i guess i had it in my head that i would meet people who were traveling to new york or i would travel somewhere and meet them. the good news is that i've met five new flickr friends in real life this year! and seen lots of other flickr friends again and again. hooray!! flickr friends are the bestest. for reals. if you don't have some, you should go out and find some. they're awesome.