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a while back, casetify (fka casetagram) reached out to me to see if i'd be interested in creating my own case. i am always on the look out for a new iphone case, so of course i said yes!

the app is super easy to use; the hard part (of course) is picking which photo(s) to use. i toyed around with photos of olivia, pics of new york city, casetify's preset stamps . . . in the end, i decided to use a photo of my friend tania's awesome wallpaper. i like my cases to be simple and graphic.

ordering through the app was super easy and it shipped quickly.

love their simple, clean packaging.

and i love how the case turned out!

it's pretty, slim, but still sturdy. highly recommend!

thanks so much, casetify!


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all month, i took an iphone photo a day for fatmumslim's instagram challenge. it's been so much fun that i'm doing it again in february. since it's with the iphone, it's super easy to keep up with, and the daily prompts are an excellent motivator. if you are on instagram, i highly recommend playing along!!

here are a few of my favorites from the month. you can see all of them right here.