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My friends, Xanthe and Andrea, have hosted a photography color challenge on Instagram for the past few winters. Reminiscent of my and Dani's Sixty-Four Colors project, Color/Colour Lovers invites everyone to search for a specific color. This is especially welcome during the cold and dreary days of February (although this year has been particularly mild in the Northeast!).

For the first three years, they assigned each week a color, but this year, they mixed up by assigning each day of the week a specific color. It was nice to change up the format and have a daily reminder to search out some fun hues. 

Above is a sampling of my shots for this go around. You can check out Xanthe's and Andrea's blogs for more info and search the hashtags on Instagram for more inspo!

anthro in india

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absolutely LOVING these new images from anthropologie. i mean, i always love their clothing, but the photo shoot in india is mesmerizing.


row one (L to R): chambray anorak + skinny flare jeans | poplin empire top + birds of paradise shorts | chambray swing top + fishing line charlie trousers

row two (L to R): pleated plaid dress | lavana dress | skyscape maxi dress


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sixty-four colors

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there is still so much to say about my trip to austin and san francisco, but i have to mention here that the san francisco leg was to meet up with the wonderful dani and have a sixty-four colors blow-out weekend! it was our final week of the project and we decided it would be fantastic to meet up in an awesome city and seek out the final color together. it was a blast!!!

(dani on the left, jodi on the right)

there will be much, much more on this topic as i make my way through the san francisco pics, but for now, i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed along on our journey. also, i want to announce that i have just opened the group for round two! so, if you think you'd like to come along on a colorful treasure hunt, then just click here.

fall 'roid week

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'roid week is now a fleeting memory, but boy, was it good while it lasted.

here are my day four and five shots for your perusal.














and here a small handful of my favorites images by other photographers.  to see all of my 'roid week shots and faves, click here.














1. danisoul, 2. lilacmoon, 3. minecreations, 4. his&hers, 5. maplesyruponly, 6. olivier barjolle,
7. kristin~mainemomma, 8. girlhula, 9. Rebecca...

and to top it all off, i was one of the lucky winners of the amazing giveaways that the 'roid week team hosted!!  i won this lovely little calendar from xoazuree.  isn't it cute?  i can hardly wait to hang it up for 2011.

until next time, 'roid week.  xo


sixty-four colors

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i have several favorites so far from sixty-four colors. if i had to pick my top five that we've done so far, i think i'd have to go with red, pacific blue, scarlet, goldenrod and blue green. which diptychs are your favorite?

i can hardly believe that dani & i are already well past the halfway point of our project. the weeks are just flying by! we only have about 26 weeks left to go and we're trying to come up with something extra special for our final week(s). stay tuned!